Vegetarian Chili and Cornbread :D

Leeann here, writing about an old favorite of mine: Emeril’s delicious Vegetarian Chili with this absolutely perfect Buttery Cornbread. Both super easy (though not the quickest) to make, and super delicious!

The vegetarian chili recipe is absolutely excellent; I made it for a potluck last fall and it was a huge hit. I make a few alterations: 1) no serrano peppers (I seem to have misplaced mine…), 2) canned corn instead of fresh (no one tastes the difference and it’s way less effort), 3) white instead of portabello mushrooms (portabello would probably be more delicious, but they’re also more expensive), 4) double the cumin, 5) don’t peel the tomatoes (again, not worth the effort), and 6) I don’t make the essence. Seriously; the recipe is absolutely delicious on its own. Top it with sour cream, avocado, cilantro, cheese, whatever… delicious!

The buttery cornbread is one of my favorites; it comes out perfectly every time. Make sure to thoroughly grease the dish to make sure the bread doesn’t stick. When cooking, keep putting in a toothpick (or I use a knife since we don’t  have toothpicks) till it comes out clean; once it does, I usually leave it in a minute or two extra to give it some brown color and toasty-ness. Yuuuuummmmm!

Between the chili, cornbread, and rice on the side, the recipe makes plenty; there was more than enough left for Lindsey, Miguel and I to eat for lunch the next day… and beyond!

It’s also the perfect recipe to warm us up on these cold, cold California nights.

Missing Ithaca’s ChiliFest,


20150225_200330 20150225_200348


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