Cheddar cauliflower soup + salad

Made some delicious cheddar cauliflower soup this weekend, perfect for the California “winter”! Lindsey appropriately described it as “healthy comfort food”; all the cheese from the cheddar soup and shredded cheddar made it super delicious, but the cauliflower kept it from being too heavy. Our only issue was that we’d run out of paprika, and the flavor was a little monotone without any kick. Good standby for a low-carb comfort dish!

We paired it with some kale and cabbage salad with maple sesame dressing. Now this one was a WIN: the salad was super crunchy, lasted well in the fridge, and the dressing was delicious and perfect. Only improvement for next time is that we needed double the dressing to cover the whole salad.

Crunchy, cheddar, yum!


20150124_184928 20150124_184700 20150124_144139


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