Cauliflower almond risotto: una ganancia!

Had some extra cauliflower and leftover arborio rice this week, and figured I’d try diversifying form my typical mushroom risotto. I made a recipe based off this cauliflower almond risotto. It was delicious!! Some recommendations:

– use a bit of white wine while first cooking up the arborio; this is typical when cooking risotto, but for some reason the recipe doesn’t call for it

– when first heating the oil prior to adding onions and garlic, be sure to keep the heat low

– also when first cooking the oil, add thyme, rosemary; the dish doesn’t have a lot of flavor on its own, and this will diversify it a bit

– definitely have some delicious parmesan cheese (or we ended up with a parmesan, romano, and asiago cheese mix from TJ’s); cheese is key to risotto.

Overall a delicious dish, and we doubled it to keep eating 🙂

In asiago, arborio, & amor,




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