Here’s that honest part I promised…Failed gazpacho?

Spoiler alert: it was the olive oil 😦

I don’t know how I did it, but this evening I managed to screw up gazpacho, I dish I’ve made many times before with relative success. This time I precisely follow a recipe, trying to refine my technique. It was absolutely inedible! Bitter, especially in the aftertaste. Because the recipe is in Spanish, I’ll translate the basic ingredients here:

-1kg (2.2 pounds) tomatoes

-one green pepper

-one small onion

-one cucumber

-one clove of garlic

-Three big tablespoons of olive oil

-One small spoon of salt

The first thing that struck me about this recipe was that 1 whole onion seemed like a lot, but I have used a similar amount in the past and it has never failed like this. I also went a little heavy on the garlic (3 smallish cloves), but that wouldn’t be bitter. If anything the garlic taste would become too strong after several hours. Finally, I tried the olive oil, which I had just opened today. Devastatingly, this was a fine bottle of Spanish olive oil that I had forgotten in a box for several months. Assuming it was good, I poured liberally into the gazpacho. I’ve tried it on it’s own now and it does have that same bitter aftertaste. However, I’d like to feed it to an unbiased (and unsuspecting) party before I throw it out. Has anyone here tasted rancid olive oil? It happens from time to time with artisanal oils. You can read about it here.


Update: I fed the olive oil to an unsuspecting neighbor and she agreed that it was the culprit. Oh well!


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